Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recent photos...

I really like this head shot. it's hard to get him to smile and act natural for the camera these days.

It's usually more something like this:
Or this:

Jacqueline showing off he new pearly whites! Not the best shot, but the best one that shows her teeth. Beware...if you let her grab your hand, the first thing she does is try to put it in her mouth to chomp down with her razor sharp teeth.

Just another shot that I liked. Her eyes seem like they're going to turn out exactly like Christian's.

Another one of Christian...he has this thing with taking his shirt off lately. not sure why.

She is laughing at something Christian is doing here. He's the only one who can reliably and easily get a laugh out of her, and he doesn't even have to do much to get it.
They kind of have the same look on their faces here. it's hard to get photos of them together, because Jacqueline is always grabbing you if you get too close. Here I think she's holding on to his ear.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, some actually did get IN to the baby! This is the result of the fact that Jacqueline likes to handle the spoon herself. She's loving solids so much that she'll reach out and grab the spoon and help bring it to her mouth. I let her have at it, since she seems to enjoy it, hence the photo. This is the result of "veggies and turkey" & prunes.

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