Monday, July 7, 2008

A preschooler and his latte

Saturday we were in the car, coming home from my cousin's house. Hugo was chewing gum, and Christian was asking about it. I told him that gum is only for very big kids or adults, because it's a choking hazard, and that he can have some gum when he's a teenager. then:

C: and can I have Latte's when I'm a teenager?
Me: yes, you can have Latte's when you're a teenager.
C: Why can't kids have caffeine?
Me: Well, caffeine isn't good for kids.
C: But it's good for adults.
Me: yes, it's ok for adults.
C: They shouldn't put caffeine in latte's because kids like to ask for them. (after which I explained that they don't put caffeine in the latte, it already comes in the coffee beans)