Sunday, March 22, 2009


A retrospective

One day old

One year old

Two years old

Three Years Old

Four years Old
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Hard to believe 4 years have passed. He's definitely a little boy now. No babyness left. He loves dinosaurs and can name more of them than I can; loves his tools, construction and building with blocks, arts and crafts. He's learning his letters and beginning to learn to spell, count, a little bit of math - he has been reciting math before going to sleep of late...3+3=6, 2+1=3 etc. Starting to write his name....I now see the benefit of giving your children short names. "Christian" is a lot harder to learn than "Jack" :) So loving to his sister...most of the time. He can make her smile and laugh the most. Finally learning to go to sleep on his own, with out mom or dad lying beside him. Oh, and we are now "Mom" and "Dad"much of the time, not "Mommy" and "Daddy"

He's into making up words and names. Jacqueline is Backeline, Smackeline ("because she smacks"), and today she was "The Smack-meister" I've been called "Mumsey" a few times lately - not sure where he got that from.

We had his birthday at a local art studio called "Glitter Pie." You can check out the pictures here:

Monday, March 16, 2009

There's nothing like baby laughs....

Thought I'd share this - it's so cute. Seriously, almost anything Christian does can garner a smile or laugh. We've never heard her laugh so much as this.