Thursday, October 29, 2009

They didn't have these subjects when I was in school...

On Wednesday, Christian's class calendar said he was having gym class, so that evening, I asked him what he did in gym class. The following is our conversation:

C: We didn't have gym class today.
Me: What did you do then?
C: We did the Thriller dance
Me: What do you do in the thriller dance?
C: The moon walk.
Me: Who showed you that?
C: Mr. Butters
Me: Is Mr Butters the gym teacher?
C: No, he’s the Thriller Dance Teacher

(For the record, I looked him up on the teacher contact list, and he is the gym teacher)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Giving Kisses

I love this shot. Jacqueline's version of giving kisses - ask her to give you a kiss and she'll lean her head onto yours. Here she is giving kisses to Christian.
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Hmmm....what should I eat?

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jacqueline update

Jacqueline is now just over 14 months. She's had a lot of changes and adjustment over the past month and a bit, and more to come over the next month. I went back to work on August 31, and she went to an in-home daycare. She had a difficult time adjusting - about 3 weeks before she started to really settle in. Just as she has gotten into a routine, her daycare provider gave 2 weeks notice! Long story short, she knew that a move was likely imminent before she took on Jacqueline and another one year old boy, so I am feeling pretty peeved at her inconsideration (if that's a word) of two little babies who are now going to be disrupted yet again. J's last day is tomorrow, and on Tuesday she will be starting in backup care at Kids & Company downtown, and finally moving to Peek-a-bears, where Christian has been for the past year, at the beginning of November. She'll be moving into the toddler room 3 months early (15 months as opposed to the usual 18 months) so I hope she does ok.

Now onto happier topics...

Jacqueline is not yet walking, but starting to stand on her own and has taken a few steps here and there. hopefully we will have walking video soon!

For now, she'll push around anything that will move and of course loves to walk around holding out hands

She has been saying (and trying to say) a few words for a few months now. So far only 3 really discernable ones: cat (ga), dog (gaw) and more (muh).

On the other hand (no pun intended!) her signing has really picked up lately. She's signing fish, children, milk, more, fan, cat, bird, light, cheese, tree and music so far. Managed to get some video of some of the signs. I've included a link (Click on the word above the video) to what the sign should be as well. as you can see, she doesn't always do the sign the same as we do - babies often approximate the sign, or do it their own way, because they don't have the physical coordination yet. Just like Christian, her first sign was "light" but her many of her subsequent signs are different than his, and it really gives an idea of what motivates different kids.

Cheese and More

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Jacqueline is bigger than Christian was at this age! She was just over 22 lbs when I last weighed her a couple of weeks ago. She's not even really big for her age, it's just that Christian was, and still is, on the small side. She eats unbelievable amounts, and she likes almost anything.

And of course, the sun rises and sets on Christian. It's amazing to see the relationship developing between the two of them. He's the only one who can really make her laugh all the time. He's so good to her most of the time. Of course he has his moments when he's a bit overbearing and she lets it be known she's not happy with that, or he gets frustrated with her taking his toys (or taking HER toys from him!), but all in all, I wouldn't have it any other way.

That's about it for Jacqueline for now...stay tuned...I will post an update on Christian soon.