Saturday, July 11, 2009

Latte Art

From my latest addiction, Mercury Espresso. Not only do they make the best latte I've tasted in my life thus far, but it has also been converted to ice cream, my other true love (in food), courtesy of Ed at Ed's Real Scoop. It's a sad day when we go for ice cream and he hasn't got Mercury Espresso in the freezer!
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What we did on our summer vacation....

ok, well, it wasn't much of a vacation, considering we spent the majority of it driving in heavy rain, but we did manage to find a few bright spots. we drove out east for my sister's wedding, and made a detour to my dad's place in Cape Breton for a couple of days.

Saturday the 20th was the wedding day...a very wet one. However, an Italian friend of ours shared a saying: "sposa bagnata e sposa fortunata!" a wet bride is a fortunate(lucky) bride. Despite the rain, everyone had a good time. A few pictures from the day:

My sister, her husband and their daughter:

Their 3 year old son:

Their daughter:
Christian and Jacqueline in their wedding finery:

The day after the wedding, we headed off to my Dad's place in Cape Breton for a couple of days. More rain, but we managed to have one reasonably nice day where we visited Port Hood beach. Christian loved running through the water, walking on sand bars, pretending they were dinosaur island. He also collected lots of shells and sand dollars.

Christian finding a crab shell:

Running through the surf: Jacqueline with the ocean in the background:
And I probably shouldn't be posting these terrible quality photos (Hugo took them for me, and I forgot to change the aperture setting, so they're terribly overexposed), but they're the only ones I have of me and Jacqueline that day, having her first ride on my back in the Beco Butterfly carrier. So comfy, and she even fell asleep in there for a while!
Again, not some of my best shots, but I have to post this of one of my favorite things about visiting CB. The Mabou River, not far from my Dad's place is home to a number of bald eagles. You can see their nest in one of the trees along the river and there are often several eagles perched in trees along the river as well. These shots were taken hurriedly sitting in the window of the car, by the side of the road, on our way out of town. it's not quite in sharp focus, as I was holding my 500mm zoom lens by hand rather than on a tripod and I would normally scrap such an out-of-focus shot. Hopefully next time, the weather will cooperate and I'll have more time to take some more leisurely shots.

That mass of sticks that you can see in the tree at the centre of the picture is the nest. This was actually taken the day before we left, and when we drove by on the way out of town the next day, I could see a young (still did not have the white feathers on it's head) eagle sitting at the edge of the nest.