Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vacation pictures

I've recently had a chance to organize all our vacation photos from our Christmas trip to the Bahamas. Here's links to the photo albums.

We stayed at the Riu Palace, Paradise Island for 10 nights.  The weather was great almost all of the time. (I, of course, wished it were just a little bit hotter).  Food and service were great, and the kids LOVED playing in the sand.  Unfortunately, the waves at the beach were too high for the kids to play by the seashore, but we did have a couple of day trips to islands, with some calmer beaches.  We went for a day to Blue Lagoon Island, and spent the day on their lagoon beach - very calm clear water to play and snorkel in - Christian even snorkeled with Hugo's help - he was very proud of himself!!  

Lots of pictures at the links below:

Bahamas trip (kids pics are in here!)

Underwater (snorkeling) photos

Atlantis Aquarium

Monday, February 1, 2010

18 months update


At 18 months, Jacqueline...

- knows about 35 signs, favorites being more, milk, mommy/daddy,food/eat, ice cream, pizza, cheese
- is starting to talk, although we don't understand much of what she says yet....most popular are done, bum, on (gone), muh (more), go, and recently buh-puh (apple). She's sure trying though - babbles a mile a minute at times.
- weighs 25 lbs and is about 32 inches tall. (bigger than christian was at this age - he was only 24 1/2 lbs by age 2!)
- loves music and LOVES to dance. Not sure where she got the rhythm from - certainly not mom and dad!
- Has settled in well to the toddler room at daycare, charming all the teachers with her cute ways
- has been walking for nearly two months now, being a late starter at just over 16 months
- loves to give hugs
- LOVES her big brother, who, about 95% of the time is so good to her
- favorite foods are milk, pizza, broccoli, pear, peppers.
- can feed herself with a spoon or fork (although it's debatable whether more yogurt gets IN her or ON her!)
- loves our cat, Scratchy, and out parrot Mojo
- always looking at books or asking us to read her one, she anticipates what is coming on the next page.
- sleeps through the night almost every night
- has 12 teeth, and, as of this past weekend, it appears more are on the way (if buckets of drool are anything to go by!)
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