Thursday, November 20, 2008

Following in the footsteps of her brother, Jacqueline did her first roll tonight, at 9 days short of 4 months, and it was back to front, just like Christian (according to the books, most babies do front to back roll first, supposedly because it's easier for them)

I put her down on her playmat on her back. She's been trying to roll from back to front for the past couple of days but always gets stuck on her side. So tonight, when she was trying to roll again, I ran downstairs to get the camera and here's what I came back up to see:

So I flipped her back over and got this video of her second ever roll (check out her major bald spot!): First Roll

Friday, November 14, 2008

to be this happy.....

as adults, do we ever get to experience such unadulterated joy? clothed, fed and loved...if only things could always be that simple.
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I love this monitor! Got it from Costco a while ago, and it's so great to be able to see her sleeping when she's upstairs. It can receive from up to 3 cameras, and it has night vision too, with a pretty clear picture, and is also motion activated, so beeps when she moves. Will be adding a camera for Christian's room too. I'm sure that will come in handy at times. Works great to monitor the front door too :)
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Three Months

How can a quarter of a year have gone by so quickly?!

Jacqueline is growing and changing every day.

- She had her 3 month Dr. appointment. She measured 24 inches long (70th percentile) and 12lbs 5 oz (28th percentile). Her growth rate is beginning to slow, which is normal for breastfed babies. At 2 months, her length was 23.5 inches (84th percentile) and I was beginning to be concerned that all those sundresses she has for next summer would be fitting her in December! Hopefully she'll settle into a size that will have her wearing clothes that correspond to her age, otherwise, the clothes I've bought for next summer might be too small!

- she's a very happy baby - smiles a lot. Seems like she might be a morning person as when I go to get her when she wakes up she's all smiles (unlike her mommy!)

- she's very "talkative" as well. lots of coos and gurgles. she'll even carry on a conversation with you if you make sounds back. Christian was a very quiet baby by comparison. He didn't do much babbling at all...the strong silent the point that I was even a bit concerned because he literally didn't make a peep (except for crying) from about 7-9 months of age.

- Her favorite person is definitely shaping up to be her big brother. Now when she sees him, her face just lights right up. He's so good with her...sings to her, kisses her, plays with her. I hope it continues as she grows, because it's a beautiful thing to see.

- She's beginning to try to roll. she can get over on her side from her back but hasn't figured out how to get all the way over. She's almost holding her head up too. She can hold it up for quite a long time, and turn her head to look around, but eventually she'll get tired and it will flop down again (have to be careful with that, as Hugo and I have both gotten some pretty good knocks in the face/head as a result of that). Even the flopping over is going away quickly though - there's a definite improvement in her strength/ability every day

- And among her most popular accomplishments...(knock on wood here)...she's been sleeping through the night since about 12 weeks! She'll usually go from 8-10 hours each night, waking around 6ish for a feeding and then usually right back to sleep for another hour and a half to two hours. It's so nice to know that once she's down for the night I have some time to get things done. This is a bit earlier than Christian slept through, but I also won't take it for granted because Christian began waking again at 5 1/2 months, so I really don't expect this to last.

That's about it for now. Here's some 3 month pictures that I took a few days ago. I was hoping to get some better ones than this. it was a gorgeous warm day and perfect for taking some shots outdoors, but unfortunately, her patience wore thin pretty quickly so this is as good as it gets.

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